If you have been doing Network Marketing and

are feeling the frustration of thinking you are

doing all the right things and getting no results,

or just feeling like you have lost yourself

in the process…

Then you have come to the right place!


It’s time to hit the reset button on your business

and life. We will give you the skills to crack the code!

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If you have been doing Network Marketing and are feeling the frustration of thinking you are doing all the right things and getting no results, or just feeling like you have lost yourself in the process…


Then you have come to the right place! It’s time to hit the reset button on your business and life. We will give you the skills to crack the code!

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A whole lot of Awesome

That’s what you will find in the Branding and Sales Vault!

We acknowledge and understand how it feels when you are tired of chasing people to buy your product or join your team. We connect with people all of the time who are extremely stressed out because they don’t have consistent income and haven’t been able to get out of hobby mode. In the B/S Vault all that will be a thing of the past because we will teach you how to Crack the Code for Branding and Sales!

What’s Included?


Create your Visual Brand

We start with creating the visual aesthetics of your brand including your logos, brand colors, fonts and mood board. Use the visuals of your brand to look like a business and attract the people that identify with you the most.

Maximize Sales

The art of selling without being or feeling spammy is a true skill. Get ready to learn all the secrets of getting customers, retaining them and having them bring you more!

Know Your Ideal Customers

 Attract your ideal customers by figuring out who it is you really want to work with and how you can serve them best.  Learn the right wording to use to call their attention and keep it. They will be your faithful friends!

Live Training

Live Q & A’s with Erica and Monica as well as expert training on various subjects that encompass all aspects of growing your business so it’s easy and fun.

Conquer Social Media/Tech

Learning how to use Social media effectively can make or break your business. Learn the latest rules and ways that you can grow your business for free. Implement your brand on all platforms and watch your paycheck grow!

Content Creation

Learn about all the different types of content you can make and when and how often to post. Apart from creating content learn how to network so that your content is seen by the right people!

Meet Erica and Monica

Network Marketing is very different now than it was 20, 15, or even 5 years ago. Everything used to be face to face conversations and transactions. Now the online era is pushing network marketers to think of creative new ways to market their business.

The problem is that most Network Marketers have not gone to marketing school. Our mission is to teach you how to go from no new customers or team members to having your inbox full of messages in as little as 60 days. We are including the exact system that will help you to create instant confidence and posture even if you are an introvert and are scared of being salesy.

This could save you years of heartache and a bucket load of cash!

Extra Bonuses


Free Commercial Use Images with Quotes

Every month you get free images for you to put your logo on and start making your brand authority online more visible. These are unique to the B/S Vault and can only be used by members.

Hot Seats and Role Play For B/S Vault Pro Members

Members of the B/S vault get the unique opportunity to get their social media and sales skills evaluated for their own personal growth and the growth of everyone who is watching. Having someone steer you in the right direction is priceless!

Challenges and Recognition for Growth

You will have the opportunity to participate in challenges that will expand your skills and take your growth to a new level. Those who participate the most always reap the rewards in their business as well as here! We love loving on you!

Super support in our Community

Being a BBB (Branding Boss Bestie) isn’t just being part of a paid community. It is a family where we encourage support, challenge and uplift each other throughout our entrepreneurial journey. It is a place where you can come with your wins and frustrations and always find someone who can identify with you. We have your back!

Our members love The B/S Vault

Brenna Stull

Brenna Stull

Network Marketing Professional

Monica is wonderful — she’s smart, patient, kind, diligent and so much more. I just joined her FB group the Branding and Sales Vault and have already learned and implemented so many new things that I know are going to not only help my network marketing business, but also the launch of my revised parenting book this year and also even helping our church plant not be the best kept secret in town. My pastor husband is going to be so glad I got into this group!

toya McKay

toya McKay

Network Marketing Professional

I’ve known Erica for some time now and I couldn’t ask for a better Mentor. Her leadership skills never fall short. She leads with Love in everything she does! She has taught me and so many others to be organic, be ourselves, and how to Lead with integrity. Her Business systems she has provided her team, is unlike any I’ve seen elsewhere. She makes it easy to understand with the everyday person in mind, and has take the time to provide it to us with no strings attached. Let’s not forget about her uncanny way of letting everyone into her family and home everyday. She just draws you in… and before you know it, you are hooked on the light she exudes. I am thankful to have met her, and have had the opportunity to learn from her. She will always be a staple in my life as well as someone I admire whole heartedly.



Network Marketing Professional

“Much of my success in business has come from using social media. But there was one ingredient missing… personal branding! Monica has made it EASY to deliver professional images that really portray what I want to convey to my social media audience in a way that makes me stand out amongst the competition. In a few short months after starting this process, I gained 29 new customers and members to my team and they all came to me!

The importance of branding yourself is one of the most overlooked areas in network marketing. This industry has exploded in the last couple of decades which means the competition is higher than ever! Thanks to this awesome service I am consistently posting amazing content that my audience loves. I couldn’t be happier!”
Katie Leigh

Katie Leigh

Network Marketing Professional

Erica has been my mentor for a few months now and I must say her coaching has been more then I ever could have imagined. Erica Feinstein-Kuiper has truly listened to what my goals have been with my small business. What I love and respect about her the most is she is honest and loyal and never “sugar coats”. When I joined her team the end of June of this year, Erica set up a time for she and I to really chat about my goals and aspirations. Erica has been a breath of fresh air and a fantastic coach/mentor.

Your Investment

Kayla Lightfoot

Kayla Lightfoot

Network Marketing Professional

Monica is a joy to work with! She is easy to talk to and very down to earth. She breaks everything into manageable steps. I am grateful for the B/S Vault and everything I have learned so far.

Kim Huddlestun

Kim Huddlestun

Network Marketing Professional

I am so thankful and blessed that my path of life crossed and crashed right into Erica’s Universe! She is not only a Mentor, but a genuine friend. She is truly one of the hardest workers that I have ever met and one of the smartest in business. With Erica you will get endless amounts of training, you will get the truth, you will get growth in yourself and your business and you will get a leader that is so full of positivity and love!

Deborah Wilson

Deborah Wilson

Network Marketing Professional

I love my new membership to the B/S Vault and Love Love Love Monica. She is very down to earth and her videos, posts, and knowledge are on point and indispensable for anyone who wants to put “themselves” forward in any industry!
I love that I have the opportunity to work with her and will speak highly of her from the rooftops!!

Yvonne turnage

Yvonne turnage

Network Marketing Professional

I have known Erica for just a couple of years now. She is an amazing leader and mentor!! She gives her whole heart and soul into everything she does. She has worked tireless to develop a proven system to help guide you into your own path of success. She leads by such grace and example and is always there to support and lift you up. I was drawn to her the moment I was introduced to her and knew I was in great hands. I feel so blessed to have the opportunity to work with and learn from her.

Set the Standard

We believe that it’s time for the Network Marketing industry to be seen not only as a legitimate form of business, but as desired industry to be in. The only way that will happen is by you daring to be different from the rest. We are on a mission to help you love your business and life!

Have some Questions?

Is the B/S Vault really as great as it sounds?

YES! And if you want to know more and understand why review the questions and answers below!

How long will it take to get my personal brand up and running?

As in anything, it depends on the action you take. I have seen many members completely have their logo and website up in a week!

Will having a personal brand really help me get new customers and team members?

YES! Having your personal brand makes you feel like you are in business instead of just having a hobby. You will start to be seen as an authority online because you show up in a professional way so you automatically start to step into the shoes of a leader! You suddenly become a trusted online persona and your ideal clients are attracted to that and will start reaching out to you!

I am totally non techie! Is that okay?

YES! We provide easy to use tutorials and videos to help you get your brand up and running. I am also on the group page during the week to answer all your questions!

I hate sales! Will this group show me how to enjoy the process and not feel icky?

YES! Erica is a master at sales and has been a top earner in all her companies! Her easy to implement method will set you on a path of happy selling! Whoop!

Is this a yearly commitment?

No! The B/S Vault is a monthly subscription and if you feel it is not suiting your needs at any time you can cancel. You are always welcome to come back when the timing is right! 🙂

Will I be left alone to figure all this out?

ABSOLUTELY NOT! Apart from the personal coaching that you will get from myself, our amazing group of Branding Boss Besties are always around for support, encouragement, and opinions!

Do I need a computer to do all of this?

No! There are tutorials in the group that teach you how to do everything from apps that you can use on your phone as well so no worries!

Will I have to be bothering people to buy my product anymore?

NO!!! Our methods give you the freedom to just show up as yourself online, educating, inspiring, and entertaining, and those that “get you” will automatically come. It’s the most amazing thing to witness. No more chasing people! Horray!!!

Who is the B/S Vault good for?

For almost everyone! The B/S Vault was designed with network marketers in mind but is not limited to a specific industry or even to product or service based businesses. If you own your own business (online and/or offline) and want to grow your business and tribe by having a professional online presence that attracts your ideal clients and then converts them into paying customers, then The B/S Vault will be a great fit!









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